Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nursing child by natural ways

Rajesh Tripathi

We know The Child is a future of any nation but nursing child is not a cake walk or easy task. The children’s in there tender age is very venerable of disease in there tender is. It’s very necessary to keep watch on their health and take natural way of caring as much possible. We know that   gone are the days when every mother was costumed to use natural way of their love ones but even today you will get mothers in remote village that depends on natural way of nursing their child. Even in this modern age to they have full faith in nature as for as the nursing of child is concern.
Nursing a child is difficult and every mother should take a proper step to safeguard their children’s health. We are aware of modern day’s medic en’s side effects so it is very wise if the child should we given nature treatment as much as possible. If emergency comes then don’t forget to take help of modern age facilities but depend on nature as much as possible.
            The little kids are very tender so nursing them is a delicate art. To make baby physically and mentally you have to pay proper attention from very tender age. Baby’s first year is very crucial and important because this is an age when very ailments can affect their health. In this age they are prone to diarrhea and teething troubles. We have seen in our village that grandmothers and mothers were costumed take help of natural herbs to treat these elements. They were using mustered oil for the massage of their children. They have faith in nature and in natural herbs, in village and even some parts of cities where women folks from village lives these practices are common. The teething troubles start wet been the age of four and seven months. The swelling of gums are the first sign of appearing of teeth. The mother can feel this swelling with the help of her clean finger. Generally the teething trouble associated with diarrhea. There are more natural ways to treat these troubles but proper guidance from an able Vadya or Doctor is necessary.
In tender age the skin of a child’s also need more attention as it is very tender and delicate at this age. You can’t use the bathing soap of yours for them as these products have hard chemicals which are harmful for your child. So it is better to adopt natural ways of keeping your child free from skin eruption or rashes. Massage with olive oil or with the any Ayurvedic Massage oil for children are better for this purpose.> There are some reputed companies which are producing these kinds of product. The mothers can use these products without fear as these   are meant for kids.
As bathing of Babies are concern you don’t need to give bath them daily only gentle sponge bath once in a week are enough to keep your love one sound and healthy. Don’t use hard are rash cloth for your child it is necessary to give your children soft   cotton cloth to bear and not the synthetic one because the cotton cloth are more suitable for the tender skin of child.
You will be surprised if I say that taking care of baby starts when he or she is in the womb of her/his mother but it is true. The mother should be given proper attention during the pregnancy so that the baby who is getting shape inside her womb can get proper nutrition. If one has this much of attention he can be assured of a smooth delivery and his dream of having healthy there’s nothing more precious to parents than their offspring, but the most precious gift they can give their children is that of good health. It is necessary to give proper attention to them at very tender age so that they can lead healthy life. The tender age is foundation of life so it is better to give them proper attention. Don’t give all responsibility of your child to Ayah are nurse   because child needs mothers affection and touch very much. The child know the warmth of his or her mother’s body and it soothes him most. I am sure you have also seen some Childs weeping endlessly but he begins to smile after getting his mothers lap. So mothers should not forget that caring of child is also most important as is bearing of a child.
The mothers should also have attention for kid’s food.  First few months the child is dependent on mothers milk, the world health organization have suggested that breast feeding is must for every child. Now a days we have seen that mothers are avoiding Brest feeding and they use to give there children’s the tined powdered milk. Though this is the product of modern age but it is not suitable for children. Even Doctor’s advise that mother’s milk is better for child but more mothers avoid breast feeding from various reasons. They should mend the ways because the Brest feeding is better for there children.
You have to give attention to your kids as they begin to grow. After they start walking you must give proper attention and start to massage oil to give them strong and healthy bone and make their muscles healthy. This is the age when you should start to give them the solid food. You should be careful while making foods for them. This should not be spicy or oily because their digestion is not like yours. The breast feedings mothers should be careful about their diet because their balanced diet ensure good health of her child.
We also call nature as Mother Nature and it also help to cure some common elements like cough and cold so don’t run for modern medicine for such kinds of disease if necessary use basil leaves juice and honey to treat it. So follow the natural way of bringing up of your tender Childs and make your family a happy and healthy family.

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