Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Sun of Indian Music Sets at San Diago

We lost Sitar ke Sartaj Pandit Ravi shanker today. Pandit Ravi Shanker was a living Legend of IndianClassic Music. Ravi  means the sun and the sun sets forever  to the music lovers of India as well as of the world.Ravi ji was one and only Artist who spread the Indian classical music to every nook and corner of world. No one dared or tried to popularize the Indian music abroad as Pandit ji tried and was successful in his attempt to give Indian music honour and grace on International music arena. He influenced the leader of western Beatle Group George Harrison towards the Indian music. Harrison learned Sitar from Guru Ravishanker and adored and admired him as God of Indian music. He used to bow in his respect as a  Shishya  of the Guru. Ravi Ji was matchless and magnificent. He was tall and towering personality of Indian music. Harrison was so inspired by the talent of Pandit Ji that uses to say-his person have changed my life.
                 Really it was Pandit Ji’s karishma which gave Indian music a height it deserve.
   We pray to almighty to give peace to his great soul and the courage to his large family of music lover and his near and dear one to bear the pain of losing such a great and noble soul-Rajesh Tripathi (Journalist, Kolkata)