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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The herbal products are more useful for kid’s growth

The herbal products are more useful for kid’s growth
-Rejesh Tripathi
It’s an age of modernization. We are bound to follow the western ways of living in every aspects of our day today life. Our ancient history shows that we were pioneer in the field of medicine and treatments of various ailments in ancient period. There were most renowned and able doctors and researchers in those days like Charaka, Shushurta and many more. Those days Ayurvedic treatment and medicines was famous all over the Glob. In those days there were ayurvedic preparations for Childs benefit. There were some oils for massage and some preparations called Ghuti for keep digestion and appetite correct. We have seen in our childhood that mothers was using oil for massage of child prepared Ayurvedic herbs and  mustered oil. It was believed that massage with this oil will promote the growth of child and with make their bone strong and healthy. This was our Indian tradition for a long time and even today in remote and in tribe area women are following the same tradition but the urban population had opted for the modern way for upbringing there childrens.
            We are fortunate that we have some reliable companies which are committed to provide better health products for benefit of childrens. There is one and most famous company which is producing baby care products like Lal Tail and Ghuti which benefits child a lot and has no side effects either. These kinds of products if used properly are more beneficial for chills. Massage with Lal Tail gives a health skin, strong bone and make mussels powerful and also helps in Childs growth. In modern days some women do not use massage for childrens but it is necessary. The massage helps child in growth as well as giving him strength and stamina and also helps him in his growth. If you monitor properly then you will see that the child who got proper massage will be healthier and sound than the child who haven’t got the massage. The Ayurvedicproducts gives you only benefit and nothing else but the modern medicines are not free from side effects. Even today mothers opts Ayurvedic or Homeopathic treatment for there little ones due to fear of reaction of Modern medicine. Ayurveda is true and it have everlasting results so if you rely love your little ones then kindly give them Ayurvedic care for their  benefits and save them from bad effects of modern medicine. Modern medicine is treated chemically so it had side effects but Ayurvedic products which for childrens are not prepared with chemicals so it is harmless and reationless.
            So from today onwards mothers should follow the Ayurveda to up bring their childrens and make them happy and healthy. We have seen from our childhood that mother always used some herbs to treat our fever or other ailments. In our childhood we haven’t take any modern tablets or any Vaccines which are common these days. In those only Ayurvaeda was our savior, our helper. Those days we were fortunate that we have some Vaidyas who was experts in pulse reading. They don’t have any modern days facilities as X Ray or CT Scan but was able to diagnosis the element properly and also treated it properly. The Ayurvedic products for childrens are results of long research and experiments so it is harmless and gives more benefit if used properly. Lal tail is one of them. It is being used by mothers since a long time and everyone is praising it for its great role in Childs growth

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