Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Changing Face of Journalism

Mission Vanished, the Monopoly Rules
 Rajesh Tripathi

   The journalism which was once considered and respected as  Fourth pillar of Democracy,  are loosing its value and principles day by day. Once upon a time it was a powerful tool and motivating force to masses in there struggle of freedom from British Rule. But today its value and Ethics are loosing its ground. Today the Journalism is on the cross road. It is in a fix and is confused to choose the right path. Its is the age is of commercialization age and Journalism is also effected from this trend. Now a day’s mission has vanished from journalism and monopoly and opportunism rules.  It has lost its sanctity and purity. These day’s Journalism is free for all. One can use it as he like if he or she has the capacity to pay its price. Yes, today Journalism has come to such a place that anyone who wills to use it for his or her convenience; he is free to do so. He can by the journalist and will plant such news which may benefit him in his business or in political field. When one takes price for his work he can’t be honest to it. And the price compels him to be loyal to his master (he who pays him for the news). There was the days when journalist was mainly interested to their works not to the gift (Cash & kinds). This trend is growing very fast and the true and meaningful journalism is loosing its ground day by day. Today the phrase of ‘Paid News’ is common. In this atmosphere meaningful and praiseworthy journalism is in the crises. The opportunists are getting ground and there root are strengthen day by day.
 There are some ethics for journalist which has to be followed at any cost. The press should restrain for publishing inaccurate, baseless, graceless, misleading or distorted material. Rumors should not be ser forth as facts. If one gets some facts, report or article the editor or the journalist must be sure about its authenticity. He or she must check his facts before it goes to print. Because you can’t change this once it it printed so please be sure its facts and figures are correct. If there is any allegation against someone, the ethics of journalism says it is necessary to cross check it with the person concerned. But now a days how much journalist bothers to do that .  One should restrain himself from printing baseless and defamatory article against any person are party. Pre publication verification is necessary to prevent the post publication Hassel and shame. Press shall not intrude upon or invade the privacy of an individual unless outweighed by genuine overriding public interst. But who is caring it  for today. The journalists are peeping in bedrooms for the scoop and gossip story.There are other do and don’st for journalists. In limited space you can’t go to details but one should stick to the ethics if he or she is serous and sincere to its work and his responsibility to the society he lives in. The journalist should restrain themselves from glorifying vulgarity, crime and such things which may harm the society and may promote are provoke the ill feeling against any cost are community.
 We have worked with Media Mahanayak Late  Surendra Pratap Singh   in Annand Bazar Group of publications weekly Hindi Magazine ‘ Ravivar’ we we learnt a lot there. How the journalist should behave and how he should check his facts before giving it for printing. There was Mr. Bijit Basu our Legal Adviser. He was there to help us. If we have to publish any controversial story he was a helping hand to us for the leagal auspects . He use to direct us to collect some documents from our reporter so that we can fight any case if the concerned party files one.  If someone filed any case against Raviavr, Bijit informed it with smiling face.  He use to say in Bangla - SP ebar asbe maza, amara case lorbo or jeetbo.These days who have the currage to do so.
 We know that journalism is decline these days but there are exemptions . There are journalist who are sincere for there work and principles. Its our duty to promote the meaningful journalism and don’t give space and opportunity  to selfish and saleable journalists . The Society and the country adore and respect journalism a lot and it is not mere a profession but a commitment , a responsibility which everyone can perform with diginity. ( curtsey Press Club Kolkata Annual Number 2012)